Juki TL-18QVP Machine Rental - Getaway #4

Juki TL-18QVP Machine Rental - Getaway #4

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If you would like to rent a Juki from us to use at the Getaway, you can secure your rental in this listing.

Each rental will include:
(1)  Juki TL-18QVP Machine
(1) Spool of Black Tex 35 Sewing String (this stays with the machine, but you are welcome to use it for all of your projects at the Getaway)
(1) Throat plate for thick fabric (the original is also included if you'd prefer that one)
(1) Sewing Kit which includes:
          *all of the items that are original to the machine
          *Extra bobbins
          *Extra needles
          *Teflon Foot
          *Zipper Foot

  • If you are renting this machine, please use Tex 35 or Tex 45 Sewing String.

Your rental is available for use during the following times:
3PM Thursday, May 23- 11:00AM Sunday, May 26

The Retreat Center has a large space for sewing.  You are welcome to sew at any time of the day or night!  Want to skip a class and work on your own project?  Want to sew at 2AM?  Your Retreat, your choice.  :)